From 7:45 am - Decoration of the stands
From 8:30 am - Distribution badges to attendees

09:00 am - Evolution in Foundry in Automobile Industries since 2004, worldwide
09:30 am - New Refractory Technology for Aluminum Contact Applications ALLIED REFRACTORY PRODUCT INDIA
10:00 am - Technical Tie ups with European metal casters on Indian market INDIA EUROPE AL
10:30 am - Injection system for Die Casting Machine - BRANDOLIN

11:00 am - Tea Break and visit of the stands

11:30 am - Electrolytic scale remover on cooling tower - TIAANO
12:00 am - HPDC Die-life improvements - Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
12:30 am - Auto MoldBase ( AMB ) - DIETECHINDIA

1:00 pm - Lunch Break and visit of the stands

2:00 pm - Energy Conservation by Resourceful Process Control - Vijayesh Instruments Pvt Ltd
2:30 pm - How 3D printed Patterns, Core Boxes, Gates and Runners help foundries improve their total productivity and repeatable pattern quality.
3:00 pm - HPDC Die-life improvements - MAGMA
3:30 pm - Modelling of Materials Properties - a Viable solution to the Lack of Material Data in Casting Simulation - KADKRAFT SYSTEMS
4:00 pm - Increasing Die Life by use of Japanese Cold-Welding Technique - Steel Plant Specialities LLP
4:30 pm - Exploring IT Platform for Efficient Trading in non Ferrous Metal and Tools Industry - MTLEXS
5:00 pm - Pollution in Foundry and Its Remedial Measures - INDUS UNIVERSITY

5:30 pm - Tea Break and visit of the stands

Opened to all profesionals, the papers should present the best innovations in Ferrous and non-Ferrous Foundry and Die Casting and include a CASE STUDY.
20 minutes for each presentation + 10 minutes for questions.

The audience is Foundries and Die Casters professionals of main Ferrous and non-Ferrous Foundries and Die Casters and the clients in all metals industries in India ( Automobile, OEM, Aerospace, etc.) and of abroad.

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